Fondation Bouygues

The Bouygues family announces its commitment to the restoration of the Paris Cathedral

We are delighted to contribute to this major restoration project of Notre-Dame de Paris. That is why we created the Fondation Familles Martin et Olivier Bouygues, which will be hosted by the Fondation Notre Dame. This gesture was meaningful for us in several ways.

On 15 April, we were shocked to see this magnificent cathedral burning before our eyes. Beyond individual convictions and beliefs, we are certain that Notre-Dame belongs to all, sweeping away our divisions and differences. This wave of emotion has even crossed our borders and gathered sometimes improbable support from all over the world, as this building represents an international cultural heritage.

Supporting the restoration of Notre-Dame is a way for us to take part in the life of the city and to work towards general interest. With the cathedral’s destruction, it was not only a place of worship for Parisian Catholics that threatened to disappear, but also a whole section of the history of France.

Thus, our support also has symbolic significance. Through the conservation of this illustrious heritage, it is our history and values ​​that we want to preserve. We especially wish to promote excellence and to continue the work of the first cathedral builders. We maintain those values in the Order of the Companions of the Minorange.

Francis Bouygues founded this order in 1963 to distinguish the elite workers on construction sites. This spirit is that of professional apprenticeship, with its taste for a job well done. These arts and crafts that are the pride of our country will express themselves to the full through this major renovation programme.

For all these reasons, it seemed right to us to take part in this historic project. May this moment of intense communion, experienced through tragedy, give new impetus to Notre-Dame de Paris for centuries to come.