Fondation AXA

The Fondation AXA for the restoration and promotion of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral aims to morally and financially support:

  • the conservation and restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, as part of the national fundraising effort;
  • promotion of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral during the construction period, in particular with regard to tourist reception facilities, the restoration of items damaged by the fire, etc.

The Notre-Dame fire was a shock in France, as well as around the world.

As an American in Paris, working for a French group of international standing, I was aware of the emotion aroused, and the expression of a tremendous outpouring of solidarity. Messages of sympathy from the AXA teams have poured in from all over the world.

This was a call to action for us, especially since helping with reconstruction and ensuring the continuation of our heritage have always been at the heart of our vocation as an insurer. That is why, a long time ago, we chose to patronise great symbols of French heritage with international resonance.

The reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris will extend over several years. In the current context marked by the Covid pandemic, this project also offers support for employment and the economy, since it will mobilise hundreds of professionals from small and large companies.

As well as reconstructing the building, AXA’s support for the Fondation Notre Dame will help restore some of the artworks, which will eventually return to their place inside the cathedral.

Our commitment will also enable the creation of a new discovery route, to prepare for the return of visitors – and so that future generations can continue to have access to the more than 850 years of history of Notre-Dame.

George Stansfield
Deputy Chief Executive and General Secretary of the AXA Group