As it burned, Notre-Dame became the focus of the world’s attention, shocked by the images of the blaze. I was, of course, one of them, along with my family, that night, as we feared the complete destruction of this extraordinary symbol of France. And when, finally, the tenacity of the firefighters succeeded in preventing the worst, in the precarious rescue of the nave and stone belfries, we could begin to hope for a rebirth of our cathedral.

Contributing to the reconstruction is a way for the LVMH group, my family and I to join in the hope and solidarity that surround the work site. The Fondation Notre Dame knows it can count on our support and all the know-how the LVMH group brings together, to restore to the most famous church in France all the luster and soul that make it cherished and admired by the whole world.

All the helpless spectators of the fire were deeply moved, but I know that there was, among the craftsmen and women of the LVMH Group, added pain in seeing this immense masterpiece of artisanal perfection reduced to ashes. All of us who work in this group not only lamented the broken monument, but wept for the work that had been destroyed, this great monument of faith, transmission and companionship which had survived the centuries for us to admire. This work of men who erected the high roof of the nave, this work of men that the liturgy recalls, we’re ready to offer it, again, to Notre-Dame so that it may always shine on Paris and the world.

Bernard Arnault

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